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iLangL Translation Proxy Preview is a new service that allows you to generate a preview of translated pages based on current Memsource job content and website URL.

The main idea behind this service is to provide a quick preview of the translated content with website layout without actually exporting it to the website.

How to Activate iLangL Translation Preview

This feature should be enabled in Memsource Plugin settings. To enable the feature check the Enable Content preview checkbox and add the URL of the Preview server.

How to Use Translation Preview

After the Translation Preview is enabled in Memsource Plugin settings, all new Memsource jobs will have a “Preview“ link on each segment. Click the link to see the content translated in Memsource with the website layout. This link will open Translation Preview in a new tab.

What Can You Do on Translation Preview Page?

On TranslationPreview page, you can:

  • See the source content, the translated content, the target page, and the changes

  • Choose the language to see the content in a specific language

  • Select the step of the workflow

  • Insert the URL of the website to see the translated content with the layout of a specific website


The drop-down Show list allows to select one of the available content view modes:

  • Translation - default mode; shows the preview of the translated content using the layout of the source page and the translation from the Memsource job.

  • Changes - shows the difference between the content of a current Memsource job on a current workflow step and a previous workflow step. If the first workflow step selected or there is only one workflow step in the project, the difference between the source content and the current content will be displayed.

  • Source - the source page where the original content was published.

  • Target - the page where the current translation of the source page was published if it actually exists. If the source page has never been translated before, the Target will show you the layout without the content.


You can choose the language in the Languages drop-down list to see the content in a specific language. The range of languages defines by the list of target languages in Memsource project.


In the Workflow drop-down list, you can choose the necessary workflow step, such as Revision, Client Review, etc. Workflow steps are the same as in your Memsource project.


Put the link of a page that you would like to use a source. The layout of that page will be used for the preview of the translated content.