Security Measures

iLangL offers real-time protection for your data. To assure data security, iLangL has implemented the following measures:

  • Server. We use Hetzner Data Center and our primary servers are located in Germany. To read more about Hetzner, please follow the link:
  • Data security. All communication through iLangL channels is performed securely through the encrypted TLS 1.2 connection using AES_128_GCM and DHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism.

  • Testing. We use Nessus application to conduct application penetration testing on the solution.
  • Backups. We perform daily backups of all data.
  • Logs. We are able to go back historically in our system and application logs to forensically identify causes of the possible breach in both production and corporate IT. Logs are avaialble for the last 3 months.
  • Incident Response Plan. iLangL has an Incident Response Plan with designated staff allocated to a response team when required. 
  • RBAC. Our application supports RBAC with all separation roles.
  • Production administrators protection. We use duo as MFA application, formal privileged account management program, and access via security bastions.
  • Vulnerability Reporting Program. ​We have VRP operated with Nessus
  • System updates. Our systems are fully patched and application dependencies are up to date. Every first week of the month we check updates for servers.
  • User sessions. We manage user sessions via tokens and cookies securely. 
  • Inbound rules. Content Provider does not require changes in inbound rules. It only requires outbound permission to connect our cloud endpoint through the SSL port(443).
  • Local connection protection. Content Provider helps to protect even local connection string by registering it in the content provider configuration and uses connection alias to link web channels in our cloud with your local data source. It also ensures that no sensitive connection settings are exposed via iLangL channels.
  • Confidentiality. All data in iLangl Cloud is protected and absolutely confidential. Access to such data is only limited to you as an authorized user.