Episerver Web API


The purpose of Episerver iLangL Web Services is to provide localization flow between Episerver and a set of supported translation tools via the web interface. 

Supported Version:

Episerver 11.x

Supported Content Types:

  • Page

  • Content block


  • Shared content block

  • eCommerce category and product 


Episerver user account for access to Episerver backend. Read more about iLangL Connection requirements.  

How does it work?

Our service enables communication between the Content Management System (CMS) and the iLangL Cloud via connector channels. Localization flow is established between the iLangL Cloud and a translation tool by the Integration Plugin.


You access the API securely via HTTPS, and it will be available to iLangL Cloud authenticating with a security token. Security token represents the desired account of the Episerver user. This token will have the same rights as the Episerver user assigned to impersonate iLangL Web service. Security token stored at iLangL side stored encoded with hashing algorithm PBKDF2.  Read more about iLangL Security measures


To install the service, you need to install a NuGet package ‘iLangl.Episerver.WebAPI’ from package source at nuget.org.

iLangl.Episerver.WebAPI.dll - added to the bin folder of Episerver website

LocalizationService.svc - added to the root folder of Episerver website