AEM CMS Connector

Official website:

Supported Version: AEM 5.x and higher


The purpose of the connector is to streamline AEM localization flow by linking AEM websites with such translation tools like memoQ, Memsource, SDL Mulitrans, etc.

How does it work?

Our service enables communication between the Content Management System (CMS) and the iLangL Cloud via connector channels. Localization flow is established between the iLangL Cloud and a translation tool by the Integration Plugin.

Content can be ordered directly from iLangL Cloud. High level of connector customization ensures smooth integration into your localization flow alongside with your translation tool and customer AEM website.

Supported Content Types:

  • Content  
  • Related Asset
  • I18n strings


Connection requirements

An AEM user account must be allowed for access to the AEM backend. Read more about Connection requirements

Website requirements

  • Target languages node must be prepared
  • The dedicated user must be added to AEM for access to content through Web API connection.

Testing phase

During the testing phase, our team is required to have access to the staging/acceptance environment with permissions to all translation scope and access to ‘CRXDE Lite’.


There is nothing required to install at the AEM website. Please have a look at the prerequisites in the ‘Requirements’ sectionIn case your security policy doesn't allow external connection to AEM you can install our Content Provider locally. For more details please visit the following pages:


Read more about the measures iLangL team has taken to assure your data protection on the Security Measures page.